The mission of Serve the Children is to improve the future of children by meeting their educational, emotional, and physical needs in a Biblically-based environment.

Children are the Future… NOW
The children of Liberia, India and Zambia are eager and ready. Each has a dream to be something greater than the poverty they see around them. Our objective in providing free education is to equip them to fulfill that dream. We don’t think they’ll someday amount to something, we believe God made them with amazing talents and potential for today.

Indigenous Leadership Knows How
All God’s Children Schools in Liberia, the Ankoor Children’s Home in India and our Pure Nard Preschool in Zambia are all led fully by local leadership. We don’t mandate the day to day operations from America, nor do we send Americans into Liberia or India to tell local leaders what to do. The leaders indigenous to the local cultures of our operations understand best their own culture! Our objective is to resource and equip them to succeed in our shared vision to improve the future of children.

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