Where is God in War?

Serve the Children is pleased to announce the release of Where is God in War? written by Sackie Kwalalon and Dr. Doug Collier. It tells the story of the war in Liberia through the eyes of our very own Sackie Kwalalon. This book details his life story from childhood to an adult while describing the impact of war in his home country and answers the question where is God in war.


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“I should be dead. Many times, throughout my short time on Earth, I should have died. Doug Collier and I, Sackie Kwalalon, have often asked ourselves this question: “Why are we alive?” We remember the experiences we had during the fourteen-year Liberian Civil War and wonder why God allowed us to survive when so many others did not.”

Sackie Kwalalon, Where is God in War?


“I never before had the desire to write or co-write a book. Never. In 1997, I had a very comfortable life as a CPA. I had a young family, and I was active in my church. Life was good. Then God prompted me to go to Liberia in West Africa. And a mysterious thing happened: I listened to Him and went.

In Liberia, I became involved with an amazing man of God named Sackie Kwalalon. I helped to start a nonprofit organization, All God’s Children, to educate child soldiers in Liberia, and Sackie became the head of our schools there. At first, our relationship was more as employer and employee, and for several years, we maintained this professional relationship until our traumatic experiences together during the Liberian Civil War. Now, Sackie and I have become brothers, not just in Christ, but true brothers in every sense. There is nothing we would not do for each other.

This book is about Sackie’s life—from his birth in Yowee, Liberia, in 1964 to the present. As we chronicle his life, we look at the history of Liberia from its founding by freed American slaves in 1820 through the vicious fourteen-year Liberian Civil War that raged from 1989 to 2003. We highlight the founding of the All God’s Children school system and look at the future of Liberia. We answer the question, “Where is God in war?”

This is the story of my brother and best friend, and I hope it touches your life as he has touched mine.”

Dr Doug Collier, Where is God in War?