Karan’s Story!

Meet Karan, a boy from our Emmanuel Daycare Center who is 14 years old and lives with his father, mother, two younger brothers & one younger sister. His father is a rag picker who walks from house to house collecting garbage, sorting plastic and metal items to sell to the recycling plant. His mother stays home due to illness.  Karan works to support his family so is unable to attend school. He is the bread winner of his family at age 14 because he is left with no other options; even though child labor is illegal in India. The family lives in a small tarpaulin covered hut without flooring, a bathroom or toilet.

Karan very regularly attends our Daycare Center in the morning but can only stay for an hour to study before he has to leave for work. He has a desire to learn to read and write but due to circumstances he has been unable. The small amount he earns ensures that there is food for his family and they do not starve like most others. This family cannot afford to put children in school or provide clothing or shoes. These kids wear old clothes donated by our friends from local Churches. Karan (he is on the left in the picture) is just one of the children that received the gift of socks and a new pair of shoes because of your giving.  The new shoes have such a significant impact on these children who have nothing and work so hard.  They are filled with joy and can travel safely. There are so many children like this and Karan is just one of them. Our Emmanuel Daycare Center is a safe caring place for these precious children to be loved and supported even if it is only for an hour.  Karan has been given hope and knows he is loved.

Making a Difference in India

We are here in India with the rest of the Serve the Children mission team. We can tell you firsthand that we are providing quality education for the children at our school. Great instructors are teaching English, math, science, and more to a lot of eager minds. But this is not our only goal. We also want to graduate students who continue to make a difference in their families and communities while they improve their own lives.

In addition to the government-required subjects, we teach life skills, including:

  • Sewing
  • Embroidery 
  • Cooking 
  • Gardening 
  • Animal husbandry 
  • Caring for the environment (everything is recycled)
  • Barbering skills 

We are also making a difference in the lives and futures of the poor and marginalized in Mumbai. Please watch these short videos produced by John Keay (less than a minute each) featuring two women, Maria and Bharti, who graduated from our sewing program recently. They now support their families by sewing clothes for neighbors and friends.  Danny and Glory meet with them regularly to see how they are doing and share Christ with them.  Maria made the grocery bags with the STC logo that you can purchase at our office or at the October 7th auction.


Do you want to make a lasting investment in a child’s life? Sponsor a child in Liberia, or from the slums of Mumbai, or at our residential school in Lasina.  You can help give a child hope and a future.
You can also help support our adult vocational training in Mumbai.  We teach sewing and computer classes to people without hope and give them the training necessary to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.