J. Kla Wisner

Building the Future – One Child at a Time

When I was little I used to walk a few blocks to school every day.  The streets were paved and the neighborhood was safe. Upon arrival, I was greeted by my favorite teacher, Miss Hobbs.  I remember oneJ. Kla Wisner time she even invited us over to her house-it meant so much to me!

In Liberia many of the children we serve through your support walk not blocks to get to school, but miles.  They travel through dirt roads and even the jungle because they know the importance of a good education. And their teachers care for the students deeply too, dedicating their time to help change lives. Thanks to your generosity, we’re providing free education to children who have no other access to school. Without you, these children would never know the investment of a teacher like Mr. J. Kla Wisner who teaches biology.

“I’ve chosen to be a teacher because I believe in reciprocity; that is, giving back what others gave me when I was a student and I believe this is a noble cause.”

One of Mr. Wisner’s favorite memories is assisting his students in class elections-investing in Liberian children so they can grow up and invest in their country!

Mr. Wisner knows that his daily investment matters – for every child and for the transformation of the country of Liberia. You make it possible for Mr. Wisner to give life changing opportunities to his students!

Please join us to fund the last 100 DAYS of the school year in Liberia! Sponsorship provides for the needs of the children who are sponsored, but teachers and classes cost more than what sponsorship alone provides. Make a special gift this month and know that you are bringing hope and a future to children in Liberia – Every gift makes a difference!

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