Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year Note from Doug Collier!

Serve the Children has so many things to be thankful for as 2017 closes and 2018 begins.  Your donations, prayers, and volunteer support achieved many things in 2017.  I love the fact that during the busy Christmas season, many of you participated in Giving Tuesday where we raised over $4,000 to purchase shoes and socks for children from the slums of Mumbai. As you can see in the picture above the kids were overjoyed about their new shoes. Your generosity at year end just blew me away!

Check out some of our goals for 2018.  Maybe you would like to donate to one of these projects.  Any amount is appreciated and helps make a difference in the lives of children and their parents in Liberia, India and Zambia.  Perhaps you would consider sponsoring a child for only $25 per month – giving them hope and a future in 2018.  

2018 Goals:

  • Have 70 people attend our Second Annual Chocolate on Mission event on January 14th at 6.30pm – see below for details.
  • Convert the 3rd Floor at our Sinkor school to a computer lab – $13,000 has been raised for this project
  • Complete construction of 3 more classrooms at our 15 Gate school for a junior high program – $12,000 project; most of these funds have been raised by the PTA, staff and teachers in Liberia but we still need about $5,000 to complete the project
  • Establish a school furniture production site at our Sinkor school and train students to construct furniture as a career path and build desks, chairs and tables for our school and other schools
  • Construct a small building in the slum area of Mumbai for about $40,000 to provide basic education to children and teach their parents a trade
  • Purchase 10 sewing machines for $1,500 for teaching women how to sew as a career in Mumbai
  • Expand our education program in Zambia to the 1st grade
  • Increase our sponsorship program with more children from Liberia, India and Zambia
  • Raise $100,000 at our Fall Auction on October 20, 2018 – mark this date on your calendar!

Thank for you for all your continued support.  We are looking forward to a successful 2018, giving hope and a future to children in Liberia, India and Zambia because of all of you! 

Making A Difference Around The World

The byproduct of war is the death of dreams for those who are considered collateral damage.  Children are often the targets of such hopelessness.  Serve the Children has sent a few volunteers into countries where war is a way of life.  Most recently, we have sent volunteers into (unnamed), a country where children have been exposed to terrible things; crucifixions, gang rape, assault, threats of harm, and death.  They have witnessed the rape and death of their parents and loved ones.  They have been forced from their homes under cover of darkness.

Our volunteers are working with these children in a refugee zone to reduce the impact of profound catastrophic trauma by providing counseling and by developing comfort rooms. These rooms are in schools and will allow children to stay as close to their ‘normal’ schedule as possible while securing a physical environment that supports their little bodies’ needs for protection and care.  The rooms will have equipment that includes small child size bunk beds, headphones to block out threatening noises, weighted vests, manual dexterity tools to reduce anxiety and therapy tools to help children communicate …when there are no words to describe their horror.

These measures are designed to help each child process their memories, supporting them when their anxiety is overwhelming, and to assist them in creating a place in their heart for their dreams to grow.

Each comfort room costs approximately $2,500 to fully furnish. If you would like to help provide comfort rooms, please note “Comfort Rooms” on your donation.

Giving Thanks

Psalm 146:2 I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us.  It seems to come earlier each year.  What are you thankful for?  Your job, your health, your family?  These are good things to be thankful for. I can look at all these things and turn my praises to the true and living God and His Son Jesus Christ, recognizing where all good things come from. Here at Serve the Children, we are thankful for many things.  Much of what
we accomplished during 2017 is due to your financial and prayer support.  Your generosity has helped us give hope and a future to children in
Liberia and India.

2017 Accomplishments include:

  • We raised over $90,000 at our annual auction.
  • We graduated our first group of women tailors from our school in a Mumbai slum.
  • We got a grant from The Netherlands to begin a vocational training program at our Sinkor school teaching furniture building in 2018.
  • We have over 175 sponsored teachers and students; this is the most we have ever had!
  • We sent an 8-member mission team to Liberia and they used puppets to teach the students about Jesus.  They also taught art and other subjects.
  • We sent a 5-member mission team to India, where we taught computer skills to children who have never touched a computer before.  We also taught phonics, art and other subjects.
  • We opened a nursery school in a Mumbai slum, teaching children of all ages how to read and write.

Thank-you for your faithful and continuous support.  Your donations are making a difference.  We have great plans for 2018 and we are glad you are on our team.

Dr. Doug Collier
President, Serve the Children

Making a Difference in India

We are here in India with the rest of the Serve the Children mission team. We can tell you firsthand that we are providing quality education for the children at our school. Great instructors are teaching English, math, science, and more to a lot of eager minds. But this is not our only goal. We also want to graduate students who continue to make a difference in their families and communities while they improve their own lives.

In addition to the government-required subjects, we teach life skills, including:

  • Sewing
  • Embroidery 
  • Cooking 
  • Gardening 
  • Animal husbandry 
  • Caring for the environment (everything is recycled)
  • Barbering skills 

We are also making a difference in the lives and futures of the poor and marginalized in Mumbai. Please watch these short videos produced by John Keay (less than a minute each) featuring two women, Maria and Bharti, who graduated from our sewing program recently. They now support their families by sewing clothes for neighbors and friends.  Danny and Glory meet with them regularly to see how they are doing and share Christ with them.  Maria made the grocery bags with the STC logo that you can purchase at our office or at the October 7th auction.


Do you want to make a lasting investment in a child’s life? Sponsor a child in Liberia, or from the slums of Mumbai, or at our residential school in Lasina.  You can help give a child hope and a future.
You can also help support our adult vocational training in Mumbai.  We teach sewing and computer classes to people without hope and give them the training necessary to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.