Color Run for Kids 2015

IMG_9603 copyWhy do we host the Color Run for Kids? A fun event for our supporters? An opportunity for more people to be involved in Serve the Children? To earn some money for desks? Sure. All of those reasons are good ones and play into why we hold any event. But, as I think back to happy children lining up to run through obstacle courses on a sunny afternoon, as I see smiles covered in clouds of powder, as I remember kids dancing and laughing with each other, I know the real reason why we held our Second Annual Serve the Children Color Run for Kids.

Because children everywhere are the same.

Our children here in Tacoma, coming together to play while supporting Serve the Children, are the same as the children across the world, who will receive that support. Children in Liberia and India deserve access to good education, just like children here in Pierce County. Children on the other side of the world need life changing medicine and health care, just like the children who ran around our Color Run.

And that is why Serve the Children exists. To give children a hope and a future. To give them the tools they need to rise out of poverty and build a better future for themselves and their countries. To help their dreams come true. And when you give your time to serve at an event, and donate your money to purchase medicine, you help make that dream become a reality.

Thank you for investing in Serve the Children. Thank you for investing in children here who can make a difference for children there. Thank you for making a difference!

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We raised over three thousand dollars. Proceeds will go to purchasing new desks for children in India, as well as medical supplies for children in Liberia!