Sponsor a Child in Liberia, India or Zambia

Child sponsorship is more than a picture on your fridge. It’s more than a warm sentiment or $25 dollars a month. Above and beyond the education, hope, and care that $25 a month provides – Sponsorship says to a child: “you matter.”

The kids we reach in India, Liberia and Zambia are growing up poor. Most have many siblings and one parent in a world of few jobs and little opportunity. When someone like you reaches across the whole world to say, “you matter to me” it gives those children hope for a brighter future.

We’ve seen firsthand the faces of children when they receive a letter from their sponsor. You’d think they were seeing fireworks and being hugged – both for the first time ever.

Every year since 1997, child sponsorships have been the lifeblood of our ministry. Friends like you, giving a child education, food, love, and hope. Child sponsors like you make it possible for us to impact more than a thousand kids every year.

In Liberia, $25/month provides an education, medical care, counseling, school uniforms and a P.E. t-shirt. In India, $25/month provides a safe and loving home for a child, three nutritious meals each day, an education and clothing. In Zambia, $25/month provides education, a daily meal, and a school uniform.

Sponsor a child today! You’ll receive a sponsorship packet by mail, and the opportunity to correspond and exchange small gifts with your child.

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