India’s forgotten children are living on meager subsistence in rural tribal villages. They live hours away from access to clean water or education. Generational poverty and an unrelenting caste system create little opportunity for children to have a better life than their parents.

Nutrition and education are urgent issues in India:

  • 47% of young children in India are malnourished (UNICEF)
  • 74% of children below three years of age are anemic (UNICEF)
  • 1 in 3 people in lower classes are literate (Asia Times)
  • Nearly 1 in 5 children nationwide are laborers and not attending school (Orphan Outreach and UNICEF)

The government and a number of non-governmental organizations are seeking to provide food and education to India’s impoverished rural families, but the need continues to outweigh the help. Families in the Lasina community are primarily tribal with little to no knowledge of the person and work of Jesus Christ – yet they are eager to send their children to our school where English is spoken and taught. Children who are able to live at Ankoor would otherwise have no access to education and would most likely join their parents at work. In this area of the country, children as young as five will work all day in labor intensive work, such as picking cotton or making bricks by hand.

Ankoor Children’s Home is unique primarily in Christian focus, but also as a free home that includes an English teaching primary school. In addition to the nearly 80 children who live at Ankoor for free, more than 20 children from the local community walk to attend school for a small fee. Children who live at the home receive free Christian education, school supplies, room, board, and clothing.

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