Serve the Children is excited about partnering with Pure Nard Ministries to help continue the amazing work that is being done in Mungu, Zambia

Zambia is a nation of peaceful people. Rich in natural wonders and with hospitality as a cultural cornerstone, Zambia has much to offer, but like many other Southern African nations, Zambia has been ravaged by HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, and a lack of resources. Almost half of the nation’s population is under the age of 14 (46%) due to high rates of disease and poor health care. Health and nutrition, education, job training, and food security are all major issues of concern for rural families. Pure Nard Ministries serves to address these issues in community and by the community.

Pure Nard Ministries is located in Mungu, a rural community south of the nation’s capital, Lusaka. The preschool has three classes; a baby class (3 year olds), a middle class (4 and 5 year olds), and a reception (which we know as kindergarten, for 6 and 7 year olds). It is an English-medium school, giving a head-start for some of the world’s poorest as they gain school readiness. The school serves its children and their families by providing an education, but it also serves the community by providing a meal for students and by drawing families into the church. Future goals for the school include adding classes up to grade seven, preparing students for the grade seven exams and secondary school.