Back to School

As a mom of school aged children, September is always a busy month. A lot goes into making sure each kid is ready. Between shopping for school supplies to ordering new school clothes and meeting the new teachers at the school, it can be a little hectic. Like most of us, I want my kids to be well prepared and have a great start of the year. Because, if the start is great, they have more opportunity to learn and grow as young people. As I have been busy and focused on my own sweet children this season I have also found myself thinking of the kids in India and Liberia. My children headed to school with their new clothes, backpacks full of supplies, new shoes and full lunch boxes. This is not true across the world.

Our school in India started in July and the schools in Liberia are starting soon. The children we help do not have new shoes or full lunchboxes but they do get a great education because of your donations. When All God’s Children’s first school opened in 1997 in Liberia, the biggest dream the kids could think of was to become a taxi driver. So much has changed as the young people we serve have hope. Now the children in our schools want to be Nurses, Politicians and Teachers to make a difference in their community. This is a powerful testament to the difference that sponsorship and donations make in the lives of these children, giving them an opportunity to have a different future.

In America, heading back to school is like a holiday that all of the department stores set up displays and decorations for. In Liberia and India it is a precious gift that it is not the norm for children to experience. My children have been given many opportunities for education in America and have choices of where they can attend. These kids in India and Liberia only have the opportunity to attend school due to generous financial support to Serve the Children. I think today of the little girl, Tenneh in Liberia that I sponsor and am thankful she now has hope for her future and can dream like my own children.  I encourage you to sponsor a child and help make their dream of being a Teacher, Nurse of Politician a reality.