Our story begins in Liberia, West Africa. We witnessed firsthand the devastation and suffering caused by the 14 year civil war that would claim the lives of 10% of the population. 40,000 of Liberia’s children were involved in the war, many kidnapped, abused, and coerced to fight or help the rebels, or be killed.

We began in 1997 by opening the first All God’s Children school in the capital city of Monrovia. We provided 125 children with an alternative to fighting through free education, food, and counseling.

In the early 2000’s our initial work in Liberia joined a growing children’s home in rural India, the Ankoor Children’s Home. In India, nearly 1 in 5 children nationwide are child laborers and not attending school – a number significantly higher in rural farming areas. Ankoor provides a place where children who would otherwise be working in the fields can receive free room, board, and a quality education.

In 2017 Serve the Children partnered with Pure Nard Ministries to reach children in Zambia, South Africa., Pure Nard Preschool is located in Mungu, a rural community where there are limited education options for children.  The preschool serves 60 children with quality early childhood education.


Serve the Children today reaches more than one thousand children annually. CLICK HERE to read more about how we work.